All steaks are sliced from finest beef tenderloin

Beef tenderloin casserole with cocktail sausages, mushrooms, onions, peppers and paprika sauce - served with white potatoes and salad (min. 2 couv) 208,-
Tournedos w / today's potatoes, raw fried vegetables & sauce bearnaise w / french fries 245,-
Steak Bearnaise w / french fries & raw fried vegetables 228,-
English beuf w / butter, white potatoes, soft onions & sour 228,-
Peberbeuf Christian den. 8., specialty, today's potatoes, french fries and raw fried vegetables. 248,-
Steak Argentina - a big deal. Garlic marbled steak with spice butter, bacon potatoes, salad & raw fried vegetables. 255,-
Steak half & half. Large steak w / baked shrimp and torpedo shrimp, Choron sauce, salad & provence potatoes 252,-
Steak stuffed with Gordon Zola, Walnuts, served with salad, raw fried vegetables, sky sauce and provence potatoes 248,-

(Exchange potatoes and sauce + DKK 10)